Barric Boxing Gloves made in Texas 2024


Many of you may not be familiar with the brand Barric Boxing, but they've developed a cult like following for the few years they've been around. Barric Boxing was started by Richard Barton who is also the creator and part owner of Lace N' Loop.Ā 

I first received notice about Barric from a follower on Instagram, at first look the gloves weren't perfect, they had a little ugliness to them, but were unique, low cost, and made in America. Barric had my attention and I wanted it in the shop.

After a few messages back and forth Richard and I jumped on a call. We discussed a few details about the gloves and isĀ where I learned there was big potential in what Barric could be. Although, Richard was new to glove making he had a background in creating innovative products like Lace N' Loop. He talked about the inspiration for the look of the gloves (Flores). The theme of the gloves being (old school with new and improved technology), we discussed materials, and eventually he agreed to send me pair.Ā 

I got a pair of this rugged, vintage, cool looking glove that was so different than anything on the market at that time. The glove was raw and clearly not perfect, but I didn't care, because it was a badass indie brand that was handmade in the USA. The price was about $160, which was a steal! I used the glove, got to see what I liked, what I didn't, and ultimately we brought it in the shop (check my review here).Ā 

As more people became aware of Barric, the glove was harder and harder to come by. Richard already had a full plate and making gloves was taking up all his time. I would get a few pairs from time to time and each time I could see the progression and improvements to Richard's glove making techniques. After a year or two of not having any Barric's in stock.Ā  Richard invited me to a lunch meeting with his business partner. I was a little caught off guard, but excited to catch up and see what he was up to.Ā 

After some catching up I got to know what Richard had in mind for Barric. He had been doing a lot of research and development. Revamping the materials used, getting higher grade leather, stronger threads, and improved glove making techniques. The emphasis for Barric was not only to be American made, but to have as many American sourced components as possible. The second objective was to have more pairs available for sale to the public without compromising the overall ethos of what Barric Boxing gloves are. Rich and Chris (Richards business partner) offered BUN an exclusive retailer partnership and I gladly accepted. Richard handed me a canvas tote bag, which ended up being a prototype of the production model (which I still keep in my glove rotation).Ā 

After a few months Richard hand delivered 12 pairs of fine tweaked,Ā  Texas made, badass vintage gloves with modern technology. The Barric from a few years ago isn't the Barric of today. Hell even the prototypes aren't the same fit or feel as the production models. Owning a pair of Barric boxing gloves is different from almost any glove made in today's market. Not only from the aesthetic standpoint or the point of sourcing American components, but the conscious effort of stressing over every detail of the glove to make something truly special.Ā 

Barric is one of 3 brands that are made in the states. The other two are John Golomb and 1v1 (i've seen other brands claim to be made in the USA, but it's bullshit). If you'd like to add a pair of Barric's to your boxing glove collection I would suggest signing up for our email list, since email subscribers get notified 1st and the last batch sold out within 24 hours.Ā 

Check the Barric collection here.Ā 


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