The best quick wraps for boxing & MMA

Bandax quickwraps are some of the best boxing hand wraps on the market. The key difference between Bandax and other boxing fastwraps, is Bandax quickwraps offer a professional level fastwrap for protecting your hands with a variety of size and padding options.

Elite knuckle, wrist, and thumb protection

Bandax offers 3 models of quick wraps: an MMA wrap for MMA gloves, an Elite model with foam padding and an Elite+ model that has a gel and foam padding.Ā Bandax alsoĀ Ā features an elastic band that wraps around the wrist creating a wrist strap that reinforces proper wrist placement. Bandax quickwrap has a fortified structure, which reinforces the backhand and attached thumb for an extra layer of hand protection. As as result, the wraps can prevent injury from punching bags, training, and sparring making these an essential piece of boxing equipment for any boxer, Muay thai boxer, Mixed Martial Artist, and Kickboxing athlete.Ā 

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