Boxing Coaching Equipment

At Box Up Nation, we know that a boxer is only as good as the person training him, so we like to provide coaches and trainers with all the equipment they’ll need to elicit the best performance from their boxer. We offer boxing coaching equipment that is both high in quality and durable to match the intensity of your training efforts, whatever they may be. Choose your training gear from a selection of reputable brands such as Fly, Everlast, and Gil to ensure your fighters get exactly what they need in their training regimen. Take a look at our boxing coaching gear, boxing mitts, punch shields, punch sticks, boxing paddles, and body protectors. Whatever you need, our boxing coaching equipment is sure to take your fighter to the next level.
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    Fly Punchers Mitt X
    Sold Out
    Fly Paddles X
    Sold Out
    Phenom AP-5 Mini Air Pads
    Sold Out
    Phenom FP-200 Speed Pads
    Phenom FP-7 Sniper Speed Pads
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    Professional Gil Punch Shield
    Sold Out
    Elite Leather Mantis Punch ...
    Phenom FP-3 Strike-Back Spe...
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    Elite Body Shield
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    Professional Gil Punch Mitts
    SS-10 Striking Sticks
    Phenom PS-200 Pro Punch Shield
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    Fly Speed Mitt
    Phenom PP-200 Paddles
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    Venum Pro Punch Paddles
    Everlast Punch Paddles
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    All Day Micro Mitts
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    Everlast Catch and Release ...
    Venum Pro Punch Sticks
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    Everlast Elite Mini Mitts
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    Everlast C3 Precision Punch...