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  • The best boxing handwraps and knuckle pads 2021

    This list is composed of the absolute best boxing hand wraps and knuckle pads on the market. Tried and tested by elite amateur and professional boxers and MMA fighters. Fortress fast wraps, Skulltec gel pads, and traditional hand wraps.
  • How does Winning boxing gloves compare to Fly boxing gloves?

    This is a question I often get asked and the truth is they are two very different styles of glove. Winning boxing gloves have a roomier hand compartment, thicker padding, and is a very protective glove. Fly is a snug fitting glove, with an ultra smooth liner, and very soft padding. Fly gloves offer great feedback, but the padding is also protective. Both Winning and Fly are great gloves, both are durable, and can be used for bag work or sparring
  • Boxing Glove Label Weight vs Actual Weight and does it even matter?

    You picked up a pair of gloves that are labeled as 16oz and you get curious to see if they actually weigh 16oz, so you pull out your trusty scale w...
  • I just started boxing...What gear do I need?

    When you first start boxing you definitely will need some key pieces of equipment. Now you don't have to go all out and break the bank, but you sho...
  • What are the best boxing gloves of 2021?

    A list of my current top 10 favorite boxing gloves 2021
  • What's the best boxing glove?

    A quick take on what is the best boxing glove on the market today