Protective Cup

At Box Up Nation, we offer a variety of boxing protective cups and abdominal guards that are guaranteed to help keep you safe both in sparring sessions and in boxing competitions, whether you're an amateur or Pro boxer we have the protective cups to keep you safe and comfortable when it matters most. Choose from a selection of trusted brands such as Fly, Phenom, Adidas, and Everlast to guarantee quality protection and durability to withstand the rigors of fights and training.

Browse our selection of boxing protective gear to find what you’re looking for.

    Product type
    Phenom GP 250 groin guard
    Fly Wraith X protective cup
    Sold Out
    Fly Wraith
    Sold Out
    Fly Wraith Lightning
    Phenom Female Groin Guard G...
    Safemax Pro Protector
    Sold Out
    Sting Light Groin Guard
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    Sting Youth Cup