3 reasons why you need a slip bag in your boxing gym


The Versatility of a slip bag is unmatched.Ā 

The slip bag is much more than what it's name entails. incorporating a slip bag into your boxing workout can help improve much more than just head movement. It's an all around great piece of boxing equipment that should be used in the gym. So here are the top 3 reasons why you need a slip bag in your boxing gym.Ā 


Slip bag

Using a slip bag for footwork

The great thing about a slip bag is that it moves freely on a rope, so you can choose to use it for distance control or cutting off the ring. For instance a lot of new boxers have issues with smothering their punches. So a great drill to help develop a proper sense of positioning. is to have a boxer get in front of the slip bag and push it forward. As the bag moves forward and backward, the boxer then follows the bag. The trick is to stay close enough to the bag where its almost touching your face. The boxer following the slip bag has to be mindful not to crash into the bag while pushing forward, but also has to not let the bag touch them as they retreat backwards. This also great for footwork, since it requires a boxer to not only move forward and backward, but also focuses on the importance of shifting directions quickly.Ā 

Cutting off the ring, is a technique used when a boxer tries to circle away from an opponent, but has their path cut off or blocked by an opposing boxer. The slip bag can mimic a boxer trying to evade their opponent, since it can be swung left or right. As the bag swings in one direction the boxer tries to remain directly in front of it while maintaining a proper stance.Ā 

Parrying and Punching

A slip bag is a great way to work on parrying shots. As the bag moves forward, the practicing boxer can alternate the hands he/she uses to "catch" the bag with the palm of their hands. The slip bag mimiches the direction of straight punches being thrown and allows the boxer to focus on the correct timing of parrying a punch. As the boxer gets more comfortable with the rhythm and timing of "catching" shots, they can then add punches to their parries simultaneously honing in on their offensive and defensive boxing skills.Ā 

Shooting in between punches

ļ»æA dangerous punch is one you don't see coming. So why not use the slip bag to develop that skill? The slip bag is a great way to work on getting your head off centerline, while simultaneously throwing a counter punch. It can also be used to help working on counter punches as you roll.Ā 

The slip bag is a great value product that's cost effective and space efficient. Its versatility is a great way to mix up your shadow boxing routine, you can use it as a warmup or cool down period as well as getting a full-blown workout. It's fun to use and can add a little variety to the monotony of boxing training.Ā 

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