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The best boxing handwraps and knuckle pads 2021

Boxing handwraps are an essential piece of equipment for all levels, whether a seasoned pro or a novice having a pair of quality hand wraps is vital. The reason you wear wraps is to prevent injury and knuckle chaffing and with the proper wrap length and wrap technique you can help prevent hand injuries.

Traditional Wraps:

Traditional wraps are good for most people and they are relatively low cost $6-$15. For kids 108" wraps could work, for bigger kids or ppl with really small wrist/hands 120" is suffice, but for most people the best bet is 180" wraps. I prefer 180" Mexican style wraps with a little bit of stretch to really get a nice contoured fit for my hands. If you can pick up a wash bag for your wraps I highly recommend doing so, it keeps your wraps fresh and they don't get all tangled in the wash. I sell wraps that come standard with a wash-bag, so click the image below if interested.

Boxing handwraps 180 inches
Fastwraps for those who need knuckle and wrist protection: 

Sometimes Traditional wraps aren't enough especially for those who suffer from severe hand/wrist issues, so for those people I would recommend something more sophisticated. The Fortress Fastwraps are the best brand out there in terms of hand/wrist protection. The 2 models I'll mention below feature a wrist splint, 1 inch spacer foam on the knuckles, a multilayered foam system, and come in a breathable mesh material. They are almost like getting your hands wrapped for a fight without all the tape and gauze. There are other fast wrap models on the market, but in my experience they are pure trash. 


PE|SS (pullcord): These to me feature a more secured wrist, because the elastic cords enable you to really lock the wrist in place. 

PE|SS-SO (elastic band): These are the same specs as the above mentioned pullcord model with the exception that these offer an elsatic band instead of the pullcord feature. Although you still get great wrist support I feel like it is slightly less than the pullcord version; however, I've noticed that some people prefer this option over the pullcord version, because these don't have any strings you have to worry about tucking away. 

K-Guard Military grade gel pads: are a really great add-on for those needing more protection around the knuckles. 


For those who just need knuckle protection:

for those looking solely to prevent knuckle pain and don't require wrist support I would recommend Skulltec Gel pads or Fortress Nano wraps. There are other gel pads and knuckle pads on the market; such as, winning knuckle guards, or any other generic boxing brand, but those aren't as good as the ones below. 


Skulltec Gel pads are amongst some of the most popular gel pads today. They take the brunt of even the heaviest of hitters and disperse the energy so you don't feel it in your knuckles. They are a great band for buck coming in at $24.99 and come in two models. The green version is 1/4" thick and the purple model is 1/8" thick for those needing less padding. 


Fortress Nano Wraps:

These are great for those who like the feel of the foam without the added wrist area. The difference between typical knuckle guards and these are the foam around the knuckles that still give you feedback without too much impact. These are also compatible with an MMA style glove for those who practice Mixed Martial Arts. 


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