What are the best boxing gloves of 2023?

My top 5 favorite boxing glove brands and why - Box-Up Nation™

What are the top 10 best boxing gloves of 2021?

Now before I begin this list is composed of gloves that I truly enjoy using and this list, like all other list is slanted toward my style and preference of gloves. The brands listed are based on my experience as someone who boxes, coaches, and is a boxing shop owner. 

1.) Fly Superlace 

This is currently my favorite glove to date. The way it looks with the smooth high end leather, the feel of the super smooth liner, and the snug fit on my hand. After using this glove a few rounds I shelved my winnings and haven't looked back. Fly makes 2 versions of this glove the X-line, which is the same shape and style, but made in china and in synthetic leather. The cost of the X-line is 209.99, which is a nice bang for buck; however, if you have the extra cash to splurge and want all the "bells and whistles" of the Superlace the $399.99 is a price worth paying. 

2.) Salvador Elite 

Salvador Boxing

Salvador is a fairly new boxing brand and when they first hit the boxing glove industry they were known as MXN, but they recently transitioned to Salvador and quickly have gained notoriety for being top shelf boxing gear. I was blown away with the quality and attention to detail these gloves feature. Salvador gloves have some of the cleanest stitching and absolute best leather I have seen in Mexican gloves. Salvador gloves have two padding options to choose from a standard foam and a horsehair and foam option. The HF is my favorite of the two options, because of the unique feel and the soft broken in feel. It seems like more and more brands feature the "Hecho en Mexico" tag, but only few have the quality, design, fit, and status of Salvador. 


3.) Phenom Boxing 
At first I wasn't sure what to expect when I got the first generation Sg-200 phenom boxing gloves, but I was pleasantly surprised after a few rounds on the bag the gloves grew on me. Fast forward 2 years later and the new generation of Sg-200 and Sg-210 blow that first gen glove out the water. Phenom is a brand that is constantly looking to improve, backing up their claims with action. Improved padding, materials, and quality control that is synonymous with the top dollar brands. At under $200 bucks this is a must have glove, get all the features of the more expensive gloves without the dent in your wallet. 
4.) Winning 
My first pair of winnings was my introduction to top shelf gloves. When I first started boxing I thought Everlast was the best brand out there. After all they were in movies, tv shows, old school fighters wore them, and pretty much everyone knew the name even if they didn't know shit about boxing. My first pair of Everlast gloves were the low-grade ones they sell at generic sporting goods stores or other big chain retailers. After a few years I used other mid-grade brands, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon a common motif. The majority of my favorite boxers all wore a glove with a red, white, and blue logo. I got curious, so i jumped on the internet and went on a mission to figure out the brand I saw the big names wearing. That brand was Winning. It took me a while, but i ended up putting a pair on my credit card and anxiously awaited. The moment I put them on I knew levels in glove making existed. I use to be the biggest winning snob around especially after trying another brand people hold in high regards, which was Reyes. I had a sweet ass metallic gold 14oz velcro version that was so damn beautiful, but to be honest was a hunk of shit. I absolutely hated that glove, the lace-ups are cool, but the velcro version of that glove was god awful. Anyway I digress, the Winnings were my favorite for a long time and at that time no one was making quality gear like them, but times have changed, although Winning is still the top choice for pro boxers and they make excellent gear they aren't the only ones making quality boxing gear and for that reason they are number 4 in my book. 
5.) Fly Superlace X
The Fly Superlace X belongs to the Fly X-line family, which is Fly's more cost effective line. The gear that they feature on this line is made with synthetic leather as opposed to Fly's top notch premium leather. In my opinion the Fly X-line is a great bang for buck. Top quality without the super hefty price tag. The Superlace X is great glove, that has a slim contoured fist design, the same super silky liner as their premium gloves, and that pre-broken in feel. The classic design and high end features make this glove a fan favorite. 
6.) Bryant Boxing 
This brand is one of my overall training glove favorites. The imperial line by Bryant boxing is made in Mexico, awesome color schemes, veteran owned, black owned, and a Texas based company. The glove itself has a broken in feel, protective padding, but a really nice crack on the bag and on mitts. The thing I like most about Bryant boxing is the owner is always seeking to improve the gloves and so far he's consistently done that. 
7.) Professional Gil Lace-up boxing gloves
Gil are some of the nicest old school Mexican gloves around. Latex padding, thick Mexican leather, great craftsmanship and in my opinion the best out of all the other Mexican boutique brands. I have them above Casanova, Zepol, Classics, JC Pacheco, New Sporting, Hernandez, and Campeon. Gil is from the Zepol/Classics family, but isn't produced by the same people. The Gil gloves we sell have a smoother inside for more comfort that is exclusive to Box-Up Nation, and has handmade artisanal attributes that give it an endearing quality. Great feedback, Old school, and durable.