Is Boxrope any good?


What is Boxrope?

Boxrope is a company founded by Lorenz Wueest that produces Jump ropes specifically for boxing athletes. The story goes that Lorenz couldn't find any ropes suitable for his needs. Frustrated with flimsy ropes that tangled too easily he decided to design his own. 

How is Boxrope made for boxing?

Although there are different styles of jump ropes, not all ropes are ideal for boxing athletes. In boxing footwork and rhythm are essential, so a rope that isn't going to throw off a boxers rhythm when skipping is ideal. Most boxers need a rope that is light enough to work on agility, yet balanced enough to create a smooth skipping experience that flimsy ropes simply cannot do. 

As a boxer becomes adept at jumping rope, most boxers begin to skip rope vigorously or add tricks to their jump rope routine (double unders, criss crosses, etc). In order for a boxer to achieve efficiency, a rope with smooth revolutions that's tangle resistant is ideal to keep rhythm and build stamina. This is where Boxrope excels, the weight is balanced, the revolutions are smooth, and the added tape around the handles allow for you to get a better grip when perspiring. The easily adjustable handles make it accommodating for most users and unlike other ropes doesn't have to be cut, which makes it great for people who may share their rope. 

is Boxrope any good?

I've used a lot of ropes throughout my years of training, like weighted ropes and metal speed ropes (really popular amongst crossfit people). I've used leather ropes, Buddy Lee ropes and Vivid Skip. All of them have areas where they excel, for instance larger gauge ropes like, Vivid Skip is extremely durable and is great for people who skip on concrete. Buddy lee has a large variety of options, nevertheless, Boxrope is the smoothest most versatile rope for boxing and is why it still remains in my gym bag. 

Where can I buy Boxrope?

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