What headgear do I need for amateur boxing?

What headgear do I need for amateur boxing? - Box-Up Nation™

Most people assume you need the USA Boxing approved stamp on a headgear in order to compete in amateur boxing tournaments, although that’s true most people don’t know that you can also use anything that is International Federation approved (they use to refer to this as AIBA) according to USA Boxing’s rulebook  (37.1). 

 to view some examples check out this YouTube short I did below:


For a complete list of headgear for amateur boxing competition, including Master’s division approved headgear and brands check the chart below or click the link to purchase here.


For the full list of certified USA Boxing’s approved equipment check here 



1.) USA Boxing official Rulebook: https://assets.contentstack.io/v3/assets/blteb7d012fc7ebef7f/bltb6556dbc7189fad8/6490c74c50d8eda4a12f2927/Rulebook_Revison_pg_corrected_123121.pdf

2.) USA Boxing Revised rulebook: