Fly Superlace X v Phenom Sg-210

I get a lot of questions on these two gloves on how they compare to one another and almost always someone asks me which would I choose if I had the choice. Now both gloves have their pros and cons and i'll walk you down the list, so that you can make a more informed decision.


Now let's get into price, this year Fly bumped their MSRP on all items including the Superlace X, which was $209.99 and is now $240. The raise in prices had to do with increasing cost of materials and transport or something along those lines. At 209.99 I felt the Superlace X was a banger. Instead of shelling out over $400 for the premium you could get a similar glove at about half the price, now with this new price increase I still think it's a great glove, but compared to the SG-210's $194.99 price tag I think Phenom steals the round.Ā 

Fit and Feel

The fit and feel of Fly to me is one of the best. I like how soft the glove is, how light it feels, and the silky liner is 2nd to none. Fly is snug, yet comfortable. The padding is slim, but protective; however, some feel like Fly lacks wrist support due to them using ultra soft padding throughout the glove. Phenom has thicker padding, better wrist support due to stiffer padding along the cuff, has a countered fit, but is roomier than Fly. The inside is smooth not as good as Fly, but nice.Ā 


Fly Superlace x sometimes has weight fluctuations, usually it isn't by much and is within a tolerable scale, yet If they could get the weight consistent with the labeled weight it would make for a much better user experience. The Phenom Sg-210 is almost always on weight or over by a minuscule amount, which is great for a sparring glove.Ā 

My thoughtsĀ 

I've used both gloves and really like them, If budget is a concern and I needed a glove that I could use for not only sparring, but overall training I would go with the Phenom, but If I wanted to get the Fly experience along with a great sparring glove the superlace X wouldn't be a bad move. If knuckle/wrist pain is a problem then the Phenom might be a better choice, but if you like feedback and feeling your punches than the Superlace X would be your glove. Ultimately you have to weight your options and see what your budget and needs are and if these gloves offer the best for you.Ā 

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