Does Box-Up Nation sell Winning boxing products?


It's a question we've heard probably about a billion times. Selling Winning brand boxing products seems logical, since Box-Up Nation is synonymous with top shelf brands and many other retailers sell Winning gear.

Does Box-Up Nation sell Winning boxing equipment?

The truth is we once sold Winning gear as a reseller (like most other shops), but many people weren't willing to shell out the money for it. Also due to not being able to get a wholesale account the cost of goods sold for winning products was just way too high and the profits were too low. Furthermore, at the time when we did sell Winning boxing equipment, we were new to the space and didn't have the reputation or trust amongst consumers. 

So why doesn't BUN sell Winning gear now? 

In all honesty we try our best to bring in brands that our customers want. We would like to sell Winning's line of gloves, headgear, and coaching equipment, but only if we had a legitimate wholesale account with Winning Co LTD. We could do what every other boxing store does and resell winning gear at outrageous prices well above MSRP, but we didn't get into the boxing retail business to be a reseller. Box-Up Nation prides itself in being a legitimate retailer for the brands it carries and will only do business with businesses who we have a wholesale agreement with. 

How can you help bring Winning Gear to Box-Up Nation?

Sure, you could just order from Winning USA, which is the only official American distributor for Winning, but even they sell winning gear at an inflated price. Let me explain. Below is a photo taken from the catalog of the official Winning Japan site, which you can find here. For the official Winning site check here. 


Now for a pair of 16oz (MS-600) lace up boxing gloves the price is ¥37,400 JPY. The conversion rates change frequently, but it still should range around $250 USD. Now let's look at the pricing for Winning USA. 

As you can see there is quite a difference in pricing from Winning Japan's catalog and Winning USA's website. Not only do you pay a higher rate you still get hit with international shipping rates when ordering from winning USA. What's the point of even ordering from a distributor that doesn't even ship stock from their store? 

Don't get us wrong we know all about the cost of carrying international brands. Shipping is expensive, tariffs and duties can get costly (depending on tax rate and politics), and exchange rates can all eat up profits, which can contribute to a higher retail cost for products, yet the difference in rates between Winning's American "distributor" and Winning's official site still seems relatively high. 


How can you get Winning Products at fair price in America?

We have no fucking idea. We've tried to reach out to Winning USA and Winning Japan directly, but to no avail. Ultimately, they have the right to do business with who they want; nevertheless, the true power is in the hands of the consumer.

Believe it or not y'all have the influence to sway a company one way or another. If consumers stop buying Winning gear  it could influence things. Or maybe, just maybe, bugging the fuck out of Winning Co LTD in Japan and asking them to extend a wholesale account to Box-Up Nation or any other shop may help (although a longshot). 

Where can you contact Winning Co LTD directly to urge them to extend a wholesale account to Box-Up Nation?

Contact Winning headquarters in Japan via the channels below:

Address:113-0022„ÄÄ3-40-14 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03-3828-8136 (Weekdays 9:00-18:00) FAX 03-3828-6757

Inquiries in Japanese

Inquiries in English


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