2024 Best Focus Mitts for boxing and some alternatives

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2024 Best Focus Mitts for boxing and some alternatives

Many boxing coaches suffer from joint pain, wrist issues, tennis elbow, and shoulder issues. One of the reason is repeated stress due to mitt work and the lack of alternating mitts. Sure one mitt can do the job, but does it protect a coach from absorbing damage? In my experience it doesn't. Using a micro mitt for a lightweight may not be an issue, but using that same micro mitt for a heavyweight can really take a toll on your joints. I think coaches should have at least 2-3 different styled mitts in their bags. For example a micro mitt thats lightweight, an Air mitt for heavy hitters, punch paddles to give your arms a break, and if you need a good all aroundĀ  mitt a hybrid is great choice for coaches on a budget. I'll talk about the benefits of all these as well as some alternatives.

Micro Mitts

Fly Punchers Mitt X - Box-Up Nationā„¢

One of my favorites, micro mitts like the name indicates is a very small lightweight mitt. These mitts are great for speed, since they usually don't weigh much; however, the downside is that they offer very little protection for the user. I've attached one of the best micro mitts down below, they have a pre-curved design, mesh finger cover, and a wrist pad for added comfort and protection. The only downside is they aren't as lightweight as some of the others with less features.Ā 


Air MittsĀ 

Are really great for heavy hitters, the point of an air mitt is to absorb most of the impact so your hands and wrist don't hurt, but I've found that finding the right air mitt is a bit tricky. Some are great at absorbing impact, but so heavy that they end up adding stress to your shoulders and elbows. Others are lightweight and absorb impact well, but are overly large and too floppy. I'll attach two options below as well as give you my thoughts on them.Ā 


Phenom mini air mitt is great, because it isn't overly large, they have great structure, so not super floppy, they come equipped with finger slots for added grip which make it a top choice for many coaches. The downside with these are they do run heavy, although not overly heavy, but if they were a bit lighter they would be so much better.Ā 

Phenom AP-5 Mini Air Pads


Punch paddles

I really like adding these to my rotation of mitts, since they eat a ton of impact, are great for novice and more season boxers and if you find the right brand are lightweight, durable, and create a nice pop coaches and boxers both enjoy feeling and hearing.Ā 

Winning CM-50

is a great choice, pricey, but well worth it. They are lightweight, durable as hell, and are well balanced. The downside is the price, the handles to me are a bit clunky, and the wrist strap is too small, but still a top choice for sure.Ā 

Fly Punch Paddles X

These are a more cost effective alternative to the winning punch paddles and have some better features too. They have a nice elastic wrist band durable, an ergonomic grip handle, and give nice feedback. The downside is they are a bit top heavy, although they are about as light as the winning the weight isn't distributed as well, so they feel heavier.Ā 

Pre Order Fly Sports Paddles X - Box-Up Nationā„¢

Everlast 1910 Punch PaddlesĀ 

These are top quality and durable. They absorb impact really well, yet provide nice crack and feedback. More durable than the previous punch paddles Everlast use to make and very budget friendly at under $80.Ā 



Hybrid Mitts

Hybrid mitts are meant to be protective yet lightweight. I would say they aren't as bulky as an air mitt, yet not paper then like a micro mitt/speed mitt. They are in between styled mitt and I think a great choice for coaches who need a good all around mitt who may not have the bankroll for a 2+ pairs of quality mitts. I'll give you tow of my favorite styled hybrids below:

Everlast Powerlock Mitt

Bang for buck, super light, protective, durable, breathable, in my opinion the best Everlast product on the market hands down. I really loved using these mitts. I really don't have anything bad to say about these mitts, they were really good to me, I couldn't have asked for a better product they delivered on every aspect.Ā 

Hit N Move Turtle Mitt

One of my favorites as well, pricey, luxury, beautiful, but top notch materials and craftsmanship. Although, these are very expensive if you can swing it I say go for it. These are light, not air light, but really light, premium sheep leather, wrist pad, grip ball, and finger slots. These don't use a buckle it's more like an elastic strap, but its really snug and surprisingly keeps your hands in place without too much slippage. The downside is these are pricey, but top quality, and made to last.Ā 


Alternatives to mitts:

some great alternatives to mitts are punch shields and body protectors.Ā 

Gil Punch ShieldĀ 

I personally use Professional Gil punch shield, which I like for the size (mini) that allows me to switch into combination more smoothly and the beautiful colors of the Mexican leather; however, the down side is that they run heavy and the foam is really dense, so it doesn't absorb shock as well.Ā 

Phenom PS-200

Yet again Phenom makes it to the list, but Phenom makes great gear. The Phenom shield is really light, has nice comfortable tubed handles, which help with stability of wrist and comfortable grip. I prefer the small, since I feel like I can transition into different combinations quicker. The best part of this shield is that it absorbs heavy shots with ease. Great shield.Ā 

Body Protector by Everlast is great choice, which allows your fighters do really work on body shots in a realistic way.Ā 

Elite Body Shield - Box-Up Nationā„¢

Everlast Elite body protectors is bulky, protective, you feel like a tank wearing this. Your fighters can sit down on their shots and really dig into these without it shifting or punches piercing through.Ā 



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