2023 Best Boxing headgear

2022 Best Boxing headgear Brands - Box-Up Nation™

The thing that makes a great headgear is it has to be light, protective, and most importantly it has to have exceptional visibility. If a headgear is too heavy it can slow you down, if it's too bulky it can make your head an easy target. A protective headgear doesn't mean that it will make you superman and you can walk through heavy shots. A protective headgear is going to protect you from getting cut primarily and hopefully protect the bones in your face to prevent injuries to your face and nose. Visibility in a headgear is key, because if you can't see the shot coming you can't defend against it. Headgear should never be your primary defense it should always be your last line of defense. 

Fly Superbar  & Superbar X: Bar headgear is very popular amongst professionals and people who are susceptible to nosebleeds during sparring. The bar gives added protection to the user, but a downside is it can obstruct visibility, add weight, and bulk. The Fly Superbar and Superbar X fixes that. These are both streamlined, lightweight, and offer minimal vision obstruction without compromising protection. These headgears feature an alloy cage that can be adjusted for comfort, while providing a layer of protection when punches slip through your guard. 

Superbar X




Phenom SHG-250 is an exceptional headgear that is under $200. It is very similar to more expensive brands like winning, but at a fraction of the cost. It's light, protective, and offers good visibility. It has quickly become a popular item amongst boxers who regularly spar. 



Everlast Competition headgear: are great for people needing the most bang for buck. Competition head guards are light, high quality, protective and offer great visibility. It also can be used for USA Boxing events, since they are USA Boxing approved, which means you can train in it and fight in it. 

Fly Knight and Knight X: These boxing head guards offer some of the best visibility of all cheek guard headgears. The great visibility comes from the streamline design, which cuts out any bulk around the brow and cheek protectors. The downside of the shaved down cheek guards is that you feel more punches around the nose. So the tradeoff to such great visibility would be that you sacrifice a bit of nose protection; however, the headgear overall is one of the best, since it's very lightweight and durable. 

Fly Knight Lightning:


Fly Knight:


Fly Knight X: