At Box Up Nation we know that a good mouthpiece is a key piece of boxing equipment to keep you safe during sparring sessions and competition. Whether you need a mouthguard specially designed for braces or a protective mouthguard to keep you safe during boxing competitions or sparring sessions we have you covered.
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    Impact Quickfit Mouthguard
    143.00 SR
    Zone Mouthguard
    116.00 SR
    Mouthguard Case
    29.00 SR
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    Sisu Aero Mouthguard
    Regular price 97.00 SR Sale price 58.00 SR
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    Sisu Mouthguard Case
    Regular price 20.00 SR Sale price 10.00 SR
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    Sisu Max Mouthguard
    135.00 SR
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    Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard
    Regular price 116.00 SR Sale price 77.00 SR
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    Zone Mouthguard Case
    50.00 SR