The Best Boxing Protective Gear

At Box-Up Nation, you'll find The Best Boxing Protective Gear that is guaranteed to help keep you safe both in practice and in competition. We know how rigorous training can be, as a result boxers rely on gear to keep them safe during fight camps.

Our mission is to carry top level Protective Gear, so that our customers can focus on improving their skills.




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    Skulltec knuckle pads
    Phenom Elite SHG-250 headgear
    Phenom GP 250 groin guard
    Fly Wraith X protective cup
    Phenom FSHG-250
    Fly Knight X headgear
    Phenom Handwraps
    Bandax Elite+ Quickwraps
    Everlast 1910 Handwraps
    Impact Quickfit Mouthguard
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    Fly Superbar X
    Save 31%
    Bandax Elite Quickwraps (fi...
    Regular price ₱4,800.00 Sale price ₱3,300.00
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    Box-Up Nation 180 inch hand...
    180" Stretch handwraps
    Zone Mouthguard
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    Fly Monogram Handwraps
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    Fly Big Logo Handwraps
    War Tape hand tape 1" (Box ...
    Mouthguard Case
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    180" Everlast Handwraps
    Sting Competition Headguard
    USA Boxing Approved Orion G...
    War Tape hand tape (1")
    Phenom GP-240 High Cut