The 3 Main Type of Headgears in Boxing

The 3 Main Type of Headgears in Boxing - Box-Up Nationā„¢


IndividualsĀ who find themselves wanting to truly endure the motions of training like a legitimate boxer will quickly learn that a headgear is an essential piece of equipment. The headgear serves as a protective gear for anyone who partakes in combat through sparring and competition. The main goal of a headgear is to reduce impact from a strike along with cuts, swelling, and scrapes.

3-Type of Headgears

(1) 'Cheek' headgear is the most common one people will come across especially in sparring. This type of headgear adds padding on both sides of the cheeks. The consequence of having extra padding leads to less visibility. Some people can find this obstructive to theirĀ overall visionĀ while hinderingĀ their defensive ability.Ā Others value the extra protection from the cheek pads making it their preferred choice. Regardless of preference the 'cheek' style is hear to stay for the long run and can be purchased with the link provided down below.

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(2) 'Open-Face' is ideally for advance boxers who know what they are doing inside the ring. This style of headgear is often used at the national level of USA Boxing via Sting (Ā 'Open-Face' IBA Approved Sting HeadgearĀ ). Prior to the rule changeĀ of not having to wear headgears in international competition (Elite Amatuer Tournaments: Pan American Games & Olympics), boxers would have to wear 'Open-Face' headgears which had greater visibility but far less protection in padding. The paddingĀ is also thinner in comparison to other styles.

The reduce surface area of padding and wide view in vision makes it an easy choice for advance boxers. This style is lightweight and can encourage a boxer to be on queue with protecting themselves. A boxer can find this headgear more advantage to their style of fighting. For example, a 'slick boxer.'

(3) The 'Bar' headgear was known to be a specialty gearĀ for high-level professionals and boxers. The common reason as to why high-level professionals wore thisĀ type of headgear was that itĀ mitigated swelling, scrapes, and cuts. The tubular bar comes across the face from cheek to cheek. This bar can be made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Ā or a malleableĀ Alloy. This creates a shield right below the nose and mouth. The downtake is that they are known to be heavy with reduced visibility. They even sometimes move a lot during sparring regardless if theĀ sizeĀ is correct. Boxers may find themselves adjusting the headgear more often than they want to.

Nonetheless, the 'Bar' is a great option for anyone who may need it and especially for professionals with intensive training camps. The last thing a professional fighter wants to incur is a laceration that can take them out of a payday. Purchase a 'Bar' Headgear with the link provided down below.

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All three style of headgears serve the same purpose but in different ways. It all comes down to preference in what a consumer may want in their product. A customer may want a wide range of view that is lightweight over extra padding for protection or they may want a tubular bar to come across their face to decrease the chance of being cut or scraped. Whatever the choice may be, I hope this article gave you insight on how to buy a headgear.

Although headgears are designed to protect fighters, it does not mean to be reckless in combat. Protective gear will not enhance a fighters ability to absorb more damage nor deflect concussions.

Other important things to keep in mind. Buy the right size for your head and follow the classic boxing adage:


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