Why Boxers need a quality pair of running shoes



Many boxing and combat athletes use running to improve their cardio and leg stamina, yet few athletes alternate between the proper footwear to meet their training demands. Many people assume any sneaker will do for working out, yet using the wrong footwear for boxing training can have adverse effects on a fighters performance. I'll talk about the risks of not using the correct shoes for roadwork and why you should consider upgrading your sneakers for a pair of quality runners. 


Why boxers need a quality pair of running shoes?

Running is normally a big component in a combat athlete's training routine and is why more boxers should acquire a quality pair of running shoes. I've seen it countless times, an athlete running several miles in a sportswear sneaker that isn't made for running. After their run they get back to the gym and have blisters on their feet, complain about knee pain, or shin splints. Many boxers and mixed martial artist invest in a quality headgear or pair of boxing gloves for safety and performance, but don’t realize the same approach should be considered for your shoes. According to Methodist Mckinney Hospital  wearing the wrong shoes can cause serious injuries to your feet, hips, knees and back! Some of these risks include blisters, stress fractures, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and more.


Should I use an old pair of running shoes?

Another issue I’ve noticed while boxing is people wearing old running shoes. If your runners have seen too many miles, they more than likely have lost their structure and support. According to marathonhandbook.com running shoes are meant to handle shock absorption or reinforce proper running mechanics and if your shoes no longer offer the support or structure needed to aid these things, may cause injuries overtime (Sayer, 2022). 

Although rotating between shoes during training sessions might be a pain in the ass in the long run it can help your training sessions and potentially put less wear and tear on your body. Just like getting fitted for the right boxing equipment can help you stay injury free during fight camp, so can the proper footwear.  

The benefits of investing in a proper pair of running shoes is that it can help keep your injury free and can also help your performance. Ultimately everyone has their choice and preference of what to wear, but getting fitted with a proper pair of running shoes should strongly be considered especially if you are a combat athlete that competes. 

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