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Phenom thoughts: - Box-Up Nationā„¢

Phenom is quickly becoming a major player in the boxing gear industry. They've already managed to have their boxing gear listed as some of the highest rated gear amongst youtube reviewers and boxing gear addicts worldwide. The SHG-250 is a headgear that helps cement their place as top brand for combat athletes. This headgear has garnished quite a bit of interest, which I believe is due to Phenom's reputation as a brand of quality and due to this headgear being reminiscent of the Winning FG-2900 headgear.Ā 

The first day using this headgear I thought to myself "wow, feels identical to the Winning headgear." The fit, the puffed cheek guards, and clip-on buckle were all familiar features shared with the FG-2900; however, the feature that stuck out to me the most was how well the headgear locked on to my head. A common issue when sparring is having a headgear shift as you begin to sweat, which can obstruct your vision and put you in a vulnerable position. I did experience some shifting while using the 250, but it was mostly due to me not appropriately adjusting the headgear to properly fit my head. Instead I just slapped it on and started sparring in it, which is something I don't recommend by the way; nevertheless, the headgear stayed in place, had really good vision, protection, and overall a comfortable piece of gear. The SHG-250 isn't as light as the FG-2900, yet it is still light enough for you not to feel like a bobble head when getting punched. Nor is it too bulky where you feel like you can't get out the way of shots. Overall I think this is a quality piece of equipment and a good alternative to the winning FG-2900.Ā If you like the FG-2900 then you'll like this headgear and at half the cost.Ā 

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