How to authenticate Winning Boxing Gloves?


How to check if you have authentic Winning boxing gloves?

1.) Stitching

Winning is really precise when it comes to stiching. The stitching should be relatively neat, be in white, and shouldn't have too many fraying parts. On the cuff of the gloves there should be a doubled over pattern on the edges only. It should look thicker than the remaining stitch pattern on the cuff. Check the photos below for reference.Ā 

Winning MS-600 Black
Winning MS-600b yellow
Winning MS-600_skyblue
2.) Check the badge:

I see a lot of fake manufacturers use an overly shiny, cheap looking plastic badge, with uneven, jaded edges, sloppy stitching and loose threads, which is something that should raise a red flag if you see this on a Winning headgear. Now as tight as the manufacturing of Winning boxing gear is that does not mean that it's perfect. I've owned 100+ winning products and I've seen a few things, yet for the most part Winning is pretty damn clean when it comes to their craft.Ā 

Ā Legit Winning boxing gear should have relatively tight stitching around the logo. You can see that it's raised a bit, and has a flat finish, in person it will have some shine, but it shouldn't look like plastic it should have a smooth rubberish feel. It's also embossed, so when you slide your finger on the badge you should feel some texture.Ā 

3.) The shape of Winning boxing gloves:

Now this may take some time to develop, but I've owned and photographed my share of boxing gloves and you can kind of begin to tell what glove belongs to which brand just by the shape. I'll attach some fakes and some real winning gloves for reference.Ā 

Fake Winning gloves: The thumb looks awful, the overall construction looks loose , sloppy, the size tag is on the winning badge (winning's size badge is always near the grip bar), just the overall padding distribution and shape look are terrible looking.Ā 

The Skyblue ones are a better imitation of winning gloves, but the overall shape of the cuff is off, the badge looks weird, and it has the size tag on the badge, which isn't accurate.Ā 

Real Winning:


Fake Winning: the shape is too round, the piping on the velcro strap shouldn't be there, the padding distribution is off, just look at the palm and cuff how oddly shaped that is. Also size tag shouldn't be there and winning doesn't use size tags, they use a distinctive white, bold, text near the grip bar.Ā 

Real winning:


4.) The Liner Color:

Winning always uses a navy blue colored liner.Ā 


These are just a few indicators of how to tell if you have an authentic pair of Winning boxing gloves, check the video below for more indicators that I didn't cover here. I've attached a few pics of authentic winning MS-600 boxing gloves at different angles, so you can compare.Ā 




winning_boxing_glove_outside palm


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