How to authenticate a Winning headgear (FG-2900)?

Authentic winning headgear

How to check if a winning headgear is authentic?Ā 

Let's say you bought a Winning headgear 2nd hand and aren't really sure if it's legit. I'll give you tips to help you better identify if the Winning FG-2900 is legit made in Japan or a counterfeiter from Ja-Pakistan.Ā 

1.) The badge on Winning headgear. I see a lot of fake manufacturers use an overly shiny, cheap looking plastic badge, with uneven, jaded edges, sloppy stitching and loose threads, which is something that should raise a red flag if you see this on a Winning headgear. Now as tight as the manufacturing of Winning boxing gear is that does not mean that it's perfect. I've owned 100+ winning products and I've seen a few things, yet for the most part Winning is pretty damn clean when it comes to their craft.Ā 


Legit Winning headgear badges: Okay so here are two legit winning headgear badges. The fist one as you can see has relatively tight stitching around the logo. You can see that it's raised a bit, and has a flat finish, in person it will have some shine, but it shouldn't look like plastic it should have a smooth rubberish feel. It's also embossed, so when you slide your finger on the badge you should feel some texture.Ā 




Fake Winning Badges: The first badge is way off the loose threads is a dead giveaway. The second badge is a little neater, but the color is off, it isn't as vibrant, and the sharpness of the logo is off too. compare the fake white headgear badge to the authentic yellow headgear badge. The sharpness of the texture and the vibrancy of the color is night and day.Ā 

fake_winning_badge fake_winning_badge

2.) Check the clip: Winning uses a clip-on plastic buckle that has a canvas type thread, although I've seen many fakes with the same style black clip-on buckle, if the headgear has a metal buckle, leather strap, or a color that's other than black, then that could be a red flag. The buckle or strap shouldn't be overly bulky or hard to clip-on or off, you should also hear a strong click sound when clipping-on.Ā 
3.) The laces: A really dead giveaway is the laces on fake winning headgear. Authentic winning headgear always has tubed shape laces, a ton of fakes use flat laces. Another thing to look out for is the lace tips. Winning doesn't use any plastic or metal tips on their laces, fake manufacturers almost always use flat laces with plastic tips. As you can see on teh photo below the laces are white, tube shaped, and with no plastic tips at the ends.Ā 


4.) The inside headgear Color:

I've always seen winning headgear with a black inside, whether the color is "standard" (red, blue, black, or white) or "special" (Winnings term for colors other than red, blue, black, and white)Ā  the inside color of the FG-2900 model is black. You can referefence the photo above for "standard" color of blue and reference the photos below for the "special" colors skyblue and pink. All have a black inside.Ā 


5.) Inside tag: I've seen a few variations of the country of origin tag Winning brand uses, sometimes it'll say "made in Japan" in black letters the tag being white, sometimes it'll just have the model number, i've seen them sometimes have the winning logo, and on others a variation of the three.Ā 

P.S. LL= XL another hint that this is legit is the way they mark the sizing as LL instead of XL.Ā 



The video below gives a few more things to look for when authenticating a winning headgear I just listed the main 5 things I look for. Check out the video to get a live look at what to look for and some additional details that can help you identify whether or not the gear is legit.Ā 

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