How to authenticate a Winning cup (CPS-500)?


1.) Badge I've mentioned this in the other two legit ✅ blogs. The Winning Boxing badge should be neat, slightly embossed, should have rubber feel and look. It should have some gloss, but more closer to satin or matte type finish. 

2.) Stitching matters: It should be neat with no or very-very few threads out of place. 

3.) laces: will always be tube shaped with no cap at the ends. 

4.) ✅ that tag: Winning boxing gear country of origin tags should always be made in Japan 🇯🇵. 

5.) Inside color: The inside color is always going to be black. 

6.) Not Bulky: Winning CPS-500 cups are known for a streamlined and comfortable design, so if the winning cup in question looks boxy or too puffy stay away! 


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