Fly Micro Speed Mitt Review

Fly Micro Speed Mitt Review:

If y’all follow me you know I consider Fly as one of the best boxing brands in the industry. My favorite pair of gloves are the Fly Superlace. I love the Superlace so much that I bought a stock pair and a custom pair (check them out below). Another custom pair is on the way!

Since I loved the premium gloves so much I decided to venture out into Fly's line of boxing coaching equipment. I wanted to find out if Fly's Premium focus pads were worth the extra cost. After using their premium line of boxing gloves, I decided to investigate.

I didn't initially like the black and gold color of the Speed Mitt. However, the look and feel of the leather swayed me. As any true boxing gear addict would do, I pulled them from inventory and used the mitts the very next day.

Fly Boxing Focus Pads

I noticed the punch mitts felt sturdy when catching punches. The focus pads were also light, so my shoulders didn't tire after several rounds. The fit of these boxing mitts are snug and slipping was minimal. The Fly boxing focus pads need little adjustment, even when the gym is hot and your hands are sweaty.

The grip ball is a great addition as it reduces impact. However, the wrist pad was not as protective as I had hoped. The soft padding and small size doesn't make the wrist pad the most protective, but you won't notice much until you work with heavy hitting fighters. 

Fly Speed Mitt wrist pad

The padding of these focus pads is sturdy and light, but it isn’t the most protective mitt. You will feel the shots on your hands when performing mitt work with heavy punchers. 

The leather on the mitts is amazing. It is one of the best qualities of premium Fly boxing products. You get truly top-notch leather that feels and looks like something that’s synonymous with quality.

The Fly Micro Speed Mitt is a high quality punch mitt and a decent pair of focus mitts. Unfortunately, its high price point, lack of wrist protection, and lack of absorbency mean I have to reduce the rating. Even though this is a speed mitt, I have used others that provide better protection.

On a scale of 1 to 10, The Micro speed mitts by Fly are a respectable 8. They are of really great quality, lightweight and durable. They fit snugly, but the padding absorption can be improved and the price is quite expensive. This mitt is an excellent speed mitt, but if you need something for more all around work you may want to pick a different style mitt. 

I decided to order a custom pair of Fly Air Mitts. They were expensive, but I still chose to buy them, although I didn't necessarily love the micro mitt version I did enjoy using them and are a high quality speed mitt. I'll keep y'all posted and drop another review on them here and on my youtube channel. Until next time y'all be safe.


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