The 4-Day Battle in Irving

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The Texas State Silver Gloves is the ultimate tournament for amateur boxers between the age of 8 to 16 years old. It is an advancing tournament sanctioned by USA Boxing. The only governing body for olympic style amateur boxing in the United States of America. Below is the threefold order of the Silver Gloves:

1. State

2. Regional

3. National

    In fact, the Silver gloves was conceived in 1967 by Frank Granados and Frank Hess. Marking it 56 years old as of 2023. It has had a national competition since its inception according to the Official National Silver Gloves website. Here are the following competing categories & divisions of the tournament:

    • Pee Wee (8 - 10 Years Old)

    • Bantam (11 - 12 Years Old)

    • Intermediate (13 - 14 Years Old)

    • Junior (15 - 16 Years Old)

            USA Boxing selected Southwestern (26) also known as ‘SWA’ (Southwestern Association) to host The Texas State Silver Gloves out of the 5 Local Boxing Committees that comprise Texas:

            1. Gulf (25)

            2. Southwestern (26)

            3. South Texas (43)

            4. West Texas (47)

            5. Border (53)

                USA Boxing Local Boxing Committee Map

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                The tournament will be held between November 16 through 19 of 2023 at Irving Police Athletic League’s new state of the art facility. Formerly known as the National Guard Armory Building. Its location is 1007 N O’Connor Rd, Irving, Texas 75061 USA.

                Irving PAL is arguably the best venue to facilitate a tournament of this magnitude because of its expansiveness and new renovations. To add, Irving is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex which is the 4th largest metropolitan in the country according to Google via Wikipedia (Source Link). Making it a prime location with good infrastructure to temporarily house an influx of people from the 5 LBCs for 4-days.

                Due to the Silver Gloves rich history & heritage, the tournament extracts a dense pool of talented boxers across the ‘Lone Star State.’ Its inclusive for both girls & boys who are either Novice (having less than 10 bouts) or Open (having more than 10 bouts). However, Open fighters are the only ones who can advance to regionals. Novice fighters can assure an equal experience at state without the opportunity to advance.

                If it was not for Granados and Hess creating the Silver Gloves in Illinois USA, there would not be an expansive tournament extending across the nation including Texas. Both gentlemen cultivated a competition uniting the U.S. to draw the best amateur boxers. Reinforcing it as the ultimate tournament for boxers below the age of 17. Competitors who win The 4-day battle in Irving will be a reflection of their team, hard work, talent, and skills.

                Down below is a video showcasing Amatuer Boxer Belem Salazar who is ranked #1 in USA Boxing and Coach Tony Salazar who will be competing at 85 lbs in the Open Class Bantam Division (11 - 12 Years Old). Check it out to unfold their perspective about the competition! They will be representing Ring of Hope Boxing located in South Dallas, Texas USA. 

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