Phenom's Custom Boxing Gear


Phenom Boxing's Custom boxing gear process:

I bought 2 custom punch mitts from Phenom Boxing: the FP-3 Strike back mitts and the FP-205 Speed pads. Overall the experience creating and refining the design from beginning to end was excellent. 

The design process:

I sent Phenom a crude digitally altered photo for the FP-205 mitts and another photo of a vintage rugby shirt for the Fp-3 focus mitts. With a few notes on what I wanted for each mitt Phenom went to work. Custom boxing gear can be stressful because a mockup is not the same as seeing it in real time. When choosing colors, what you imagine in your mind may not always match what you see in reality.

 Crude Concept

Mitt design inspiration


After a few back-and-forth emails refining the design I ultimately settled on a mock-up I was happy with:

 Phenom Mockup


The Lead Time:

lead times are different for every brand and can take months, but in the case of Phenom's custom gear the quoted eta was 6 weeks, but I think they made it in 5, which was really fast considering brands like Winning, Fly, and Salvador all have wait times with 6 months being the minimum. 

The Final Product:

The mitts finally Made it! Bubbling with excitement and anticipation like a kid on Christmas I ripped the box open.

I couldn’t help but crack a smile at the beautifully crafted work Phenom did. The mitts were perfect and looked better than I imagined. The only regret was I didn’t order more lmao!

The Fp-205 Mitts were gifted to my friend and owner of non-profit LaBori Boxing. I feel anxious when making customs for my friends/customers because it adds pressure to make something they'll enjoy. For my mitts I really enjoy using them and is my most used mitt in rotation.



Where to get Customized Phenom Gear:

To get custom work by Phenom, you can either contact Phenom directly or order through me at This will help you get closer to your custom gear.

 Here is a custom set we did for local boxer Diego Barron:

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