Winning CPS-500 V Fly Wraith and Wraith X

Fly Cup v Winning Cup

A common question I get asked is how Fly cups compare to Winning cups. Both cups are very similar and shape and size, but there are some key differences.Ā 

Winning CPS-500 is a lower-cut, lightweight, durable, and is made of top grade synthetic leather. They also do make leather cups; however, it has to be custom order, which increases the price and almost always increases the wait time to receive your item.

Fly cups come in two models Premium which is handmade in the Uk with premium leather and the X-line which is made in China and features a high grade synthetic leather. Both cups are identical in shape and size and feature a higher-cut as opposed to the winning. Premium wraith (groin-guard) feels more broken in and softer than the wining cup due to the fine leather Fly uses in all their premium gear (with the exception of the oxblood color scheme, since the leather is very thick). The X-line wraith is stiffer at first, but does break-in and soften up over time. both cups are durable, light, and well crafted. The X-line is great choice for those looking to get a bang for buck or entry level boxers and is usually readily available.Ā 

Both Winning and Fly over some of the best gear around and if you want a lower-cut cup that is lightweight winning might be the cup for you. The only drawback is the price, scarcity, and long wait times depending on the season. Fly makes a higher-cut cup that is just as light, offers two options, great colors, and is comparable to the winning cup.Ā 

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