What's the best boxing glove?

What's the best boxing glove? - Box-Up Nationā„¢

The question the causes so much heated debate: What is the best boxing glove? Is it the established brands; such as, Winning, Grant, or Cleto Reyes? Is it the new guys like, Fly, 1v1 fight gear, and Bryant Boxing? Let me tell you a secret-- the truth is--there is no such thing as the best boxing glove! That's right, it's a myth, bullshit, lies, and here's why.

The truth is when someone says the best boxing glove is this brand or that brand it all comes from a place of bias. No true thing exist, because it depends on your personal preference. Now I am by no means implying that all boxing gloves are the same. Nor am I suggesting that quality doesn't differentiate between brands, but what Im saying is everyone has a particular preference that makes them believe a particular brand is the best.Ā 

In my opinion the best boxing glove is all relative to the person. Factors like budget, experience, comfort, durability, performance, and aesthetics are all things to consider when purchasing a glove or gear for that matter. Someone with a $100 budget can't afford a pair of Winnings, so that isn't the best glove for them, but maybe a pair Everlast Powerlocks is or maybe Adidas adi-speed 501 are? Neither do I believe a complete novice with a big bank roll should piss away $400 plus bucks on a sweet ass pair of gloves even if they can afford it. Why? simply because they haven't earned it, neither have they learned whether or not they like the sport enough to justify the expense. One good ass whooping during a sparring session can test your affinity for the sport.

Ā Everyone has different needs, so the guy boxing 5 years is going to have different needs and expectations than the guy boxing 1 year. The more time you spend in the gym working on your craft you will need to invest in a quality pair of gloves that suits your needs and style. Do you have fragile hands? maybe you need a cushy soft style glove. Do you like to feel the pop on your shots? maybe you want a glove that provides great feedback. The point I'm making is there is not a one size fits all when it comes to boxing gear. Everyone should have and develop their preference.

A common thing I see is guys who follow the pack. They see their favorite fighter wear a particular brand and they get enamored with it. They haven't even worn the brand, but because they see someone they idolize wear it they automatically assume that it is the best. In my opinion the best glove isn't and shouldn't be the same for everyone. Experiment with different styles and brands and ultimately you decide what's the best brand for you.Ā 

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