What are the best boxing gloves brands of 2024?

What are the best boxing gloves brands of 2024?

The best boxing glove brands of 2024

to be the best, boxing glove brands must fit a certain criteria. For me the best is based on craftsmanship, quality of materials, style, innovation, feedback from BUN customers, and brand integrity. In the world of boxing gloves many brands exist, yet most are uninspiring poor quality imitations of more well known brands. A select few boxing glove companies are creating gloves that are truly special.  They are making gloves that aren't a cookie cutter imitation of what already exist. What I look for in a glove is the quality of materials, how the foam feels against my fist, the construction of the glove, style of the brand, and what makes this glove stand out from the sea of other gloves. 

Phenom Boxing 

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received the first generation of the Phenom Sg-200 boxing glove. At the time I wasn’t too familiar with the Phenom brand and didn’t know where they stood as a brand or manufacturer. After a few rounds on the heavybag, I quickly realized Phenom was a major contender in the boxing glove space. Phenom is brand that is actively improving and adding quality products to their lineup, while keeping their prices attainable to the average boxer. You can checkout the full Phenom line up here on their website or you can shop with us on our site.

Barric Boxing is made in the USA by one guy named Richard Barton, who also is the creator of the legendary Lace N’ loop glove converter system. Since Barric is made by one guy, the gloves are kind of hard to come by and are normally a custom order with a long wait list. The first pairs of Barric gloves were cool, old school, rugged, and vintage looking boxing gloves that weren't perfect, but were so damn cool that it didn't matter. As Richard has developed the craft of producing boxing gloves he's been able to invest in better equipment and better materials. The latest rendition of the barric glove I received was incredible progression from the first pair, yet the beauty was that it didn't lose the vintage look or brand identity that made the glove cool. The leather is ultra thick, yet smooth, the lining is silky, and the padding is a nice mix of soft horsehair and nasa foam. The look of the gloves is classic and minimal, they sport the throwback welted seams, and the plush triple cuff making it vintage without being outdated. You can use these gloves for everything, sparring, punching the bag, mitts, and they'll be a glove that won't wear out, but wear in. Barric will be producing more gloves making them readily available for purchase in the near future, so stay tuned. 

Hit N' Move
A relatively new brand that has continued to raise the bar. They offer gloves with some of the best knuckle protection on the market. The padding isn't overly pillow as well it's a great mix of snug punchers feel without lack of wrist and knuckle support. 


is a brand that continues to impress me with their boxing products. Their staple  Fly Superlace is truly stunning and excellently crafted. The premium Superlace is handcrafted in England, The fit to me is like no other glove I tried. Snug fitted, yet smooth lining and buttery soft padding makes an excellent sparring glove. The cut of the glove is streamlined, so it's also nice on the bag with nice feedback. Aesthetically Fly is a cut above the rest, the luxe leather with it's matte finish is something that resembles high end fashion, but the quality and craftsmanship is made for the trenches. Fly has continued to expand their line of products with a more economical version of the Superlace, the Superlace X, they've expanded into sportswear, and now offer a boxing shoe called the Storm boxing boots. Checkout the Fly collection here.

Superlace Lightning - Box-Up Nation™


My first pair of winnings was my introduction to top shelf gloves. When I first started boxing I thought Everlast was the best brand out there. After all they were in movies, tv shows, old school fighters wore them, and pretty much everyone knew the name even if they didn't know shit about boxing. My first pair of Everlast gloves were the low-grade ones they sell at generic sporting goods stores or other big chain retailers. After a few years I used other mid-grade brands, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon a common logo. The majority of my favorite boxers all wore a glove with a red, white, and blue logo. I got curious, so I jumped on the internet and went on a mission to figure out the brand I saw the big names wearing. That brand was Winning. It took me a while, but i ended up putting a pair on my credit card and anxiously awaited. The moment I put them on I knew levels in glove making existed. Winning offers a variety of top level boxing equipment and is a favorite amongst many fighters. If you ever are skeptical of purchasing a pair second hand checkout my video on how to Legit Check Wining Boxing Gloves.

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